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Copyrights Law Services


Aggarwal Associates provides the following services for Copyrights

Registrations of copyright

We assist clients in getting the copyright registered for their valuable creative works in which they have invested labour and money. The work may be literary, musical, dramatic or any other digital work.

Copyright Infringement Civil Suit and criminal complaints

We have assisted several clients in obtaining interlocutory injunction orders in Copyright Infringement suits and also been filing Criminal Complaints and obtaining Search and seizure orders for our clients. Our clients include entertainment companies, publishers, artists, software companies, etc. And FMCG companies whose copyright has been violated.

Copyright Legal Opinions
Our Attorneys are engaged by Entertainment, Music and Media companies from time to time for legal opinions various issues pertaining to copyright like fair use of ReMix songs, Ringtones, Website Uploads and Downloads of music, etc., publications, etc. Our Attorneys are also proficient in drafting Employment Contracts, especially for software companies and the music industry that are robust and safe from IPR perspectives under the Indian Laws.
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