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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Our team of Corporate lawyers handle litigation related to various aspects of Corporate Law, before all courts of India and the Company Law Board,  besides  Incorporations, Mergers And Acquisitions, Restructuring And Reorganization.

Our Associates have considerable experience in strategic planning, advice, operation and board participation. We offer our clients services like Developing Business Entry Strategies, Debt Syndication Advisory, Advise On Debt Joint Ventures And Collaborations, Project Finance And Funding, Conducting Due Diligence, Raising Finances From Hedge Funds, Institutional Investors, Investment Banks, Investor Clubs, Venture Capital Firms.

We provide the following services for Corporate Law

Overseas Investment in Indian Companies

  • Incorporation of subsidiaries in India.

  • Company law & tax related work for these companies along with compliances

    with respect to Reserve Bank

RBI and FIPB Related Work

Approval from Reserve bank Of India for setting up of foreign companies/ subsidiariesof foreign companies in India. Suggestion regarding their capital structure and business& tax activities.

Company Law Work

Assistance in Preparation and Filing of returns as per Indian company lawand all other compliances.

​​Consultancy Work for Systems Development and Implementation thereof

Suggesting management to apply effective control in the day to day working of the organization & ensuring that the systems are in place & effectively working.

GST Related Services

  • Assistance in Preparation & submission of periodic GST returns as per the rules.

  • Maintenance of statutory records/ register as per the GST rules.

  • Registration of business entities with the GST authority in India.

Labour laws

  • Drafting of employment contract for both domestic & international employees.

  • Assistance in procuring registration under applicable statutes & maintenance of records.

  • Advice for compliance under Labor Law statutes.

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