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Cyber Law Services

Cyber Law

Domain Name Disputes, E-Commerice & Internet Laws

The internet has revolutionized the ways in which business is conducted and brands generate revenue.  It has also become possible for companies to expand their operations quickly and effectively conduct business across many different countries, cultures, and continents. But on the other hand, the same technologies in the hands of fraudsters and criminals.

As e-commerce increases and the volume of transactions done electronically increases day by day, brands have become very vulnerable and it is extremely profitable for brand abusers to hijack well-known brands online. Potential threats to well-known brands can come anytime and from anywhere. The most common threat that business houses face is from hijackers and counterfeiters who set up similar websites containing their famous trademarks and logos and other intellectual property in order to divert traffic and brand abusers who register domains containing their famous trademarks to capitalize on their hard-earned reputation. Brand abusers can also hijack search engine marketing, infiltrate social media and impersonate famous and well-known brands to divert web traffic to competing sites and sell fake and pirated goods.

Infringements on social media sites like Facebook & Twitter and registering of sub-domains or creating accounts in the name of well-known brands of business houses are also major becoming problems for trademark owners as it results in dilution of brand value, warranting takedown actions.​

We offer the following services in Arbitration, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Resolution of Domain name related disputes and filing of complaints in administrative proceedings under UDRP and local jurisdictions for domain recovery.

Monitoring of domain names of clients using online tools, analysis of domains, and advice.

Domain management and protection strategies for corporations

Issuance of cease and desist notices to infringers and cyber squatters.

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