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Patents Services

Patents & Design

Aggarwal Associates provides the following services related to patents & design

Registration and Protection of Designs

Aggarwal Associates assists clients in obtaining registrations for their novel designs and also in litigation matters concerning infringement of designs in various courts of India.

Obtaining Foreign filing licenses

We assist international clients in obtaining foreign filing licenses expeditiously.

Drafting Patent Applications 

Our team of legal and technical Associates draft high quality Patent Applications in different fields like Electronics, Bio-technology, Physics, Pharma, etc. as per the applicable laws in the jurisdictions of US, India, Europe and Australia. We offer complete end-to-end solutions for obtaining patents in India and across the globe through our Associates. Apart from India, we provide filing and prosecution services to USPTO and EPO through multiple routes to patent practitioners, innovators, businesses and investors in various technological domains including drafting for continuation and Continuation in part applications. We also assist in Maintaining Dockets and Processing Annuities worldwide

Filing & Prosecuting of PCT/ Convention Patent Applications ​

We specialize in obtaining PCT registrations for Corporations and Inventors across the globe and our Patent agents and Attorneys have assisted several Corporations and individuals in successfully obtaining patent registrations in various countries.

Patent Litigation 

The Attorneys of Aggarwal Associates assist in obtaining stay/ injunction orders for any infringement taking place in Indian jurisdiction. We extensively use Claim Analysis and expert opinion to assist the Indian courts in deciding potential infringements.

Invention Evaluation Servers

With experienced domain expertise in the area of Nanotechnology, Computer Sciences, Physics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mechanical and Electronics, Aggarwal Associates provides for preliminary search and evaluation services from public and proprietary databases.

Prior Art Searches

We undertake comprehensive searches involving multi-pronged strategies to unearth the prior art that can deny the issuance or limit the scope of an invention. The report comprises a list of relevant prior arts with the novel features of the invention mapped on to each identified document.

Freedom to Operate Study

Our team undertakes Freedom to Operate (FTO) Studies aimed at identifying a patent infringement by any commercialized product or process in a given jurisdiction which is usually conducted before a product launch or more beneficially prior to finalizing the product, so that it gives some time and scope to design around an existing patent. The study includes prior art search for active patents in the jurisdiction under consideration and the infringing features of the commercialized product/process are mapped on to the identified patents enabling the client to make decisions on possible infringement issues.

Patent Invalidation Search

A patent invalidation search aims at re-evaluating the validity of an existing patent based on prior art comprising patent and non-patent literatures and is generally conducted for invalidating a patent in cases of patent infringement suits or to eliminate potential road-blocks towards product development. We also focus on congregating opinion on non-infringement by looking for evidence that holds against the validity of the patent to be invalidated.

Other services offered by our team are as follows

  • Chemical structure and sequence searches.

  • State of the Art Search

  • Preparing Patent Illustrations for patents being filed in US, Europe and India.

  • Claim mapping and mining of licensable patents

  • IP due diligence

  • Patent valuation.

IP Audits 

To help assess, preserve, and enhance IP; correct defects in IP rights; put unused IP to work; identify risks that a company’s products or services infringe another’s IP; and implement best practices for IP asset management, review of company’s IP-related licenses, and competitors’ IP. We have also been undertaking projects that involves drafting for continuation and Continuation in part applications. 

Cost Effective Patent Watch Services 

This includes Competitor Patent Watch Services, Market Watch Services, Technology Patent Watch and Legal Status Patent Watch which is conducted to provide updates on a set of patents in technology sector patents vis-à-vis grant/ publication/ abandonment/ oppositions/ expiry etc.

Landscape Study 

We do landscape study with a technology/market - centric analysis with the objective of providing an IP strategy solution and take more informed business decisions.

Competitive Intelligence Services

Product and value chain analysis, Financial analysis, Supply chain and distribution strategy

Pricing strategy, Innovation, Intellectual Property and R & D focus, M&A and licensing deals etc

Identification of strategic partners / M&A targets – Due Diligence Studies, Company Profiling and Benchmarking studies

​​We offer free trademark searches and initial consultations in Intellectual Property matters to our clients.​

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