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Trademark services


Aggarwal Associates provides the following services for Trademarks

IP Litigation services in all courts of India with respect to Trademark Matters. Our Attorneys have been engaged by many multinational and Indian companies and have been successful in obtaining injunction orders from different courts of India and protecting several well-known brands from infringement for the past three decades. They have had a high success rate in litigation in Indian Courts and some of the judgments obtained by its Attorneys are among the milestone IPR cases of India. We have, in our team, some of the finest and dedicated arguing counsels in India who go into details of the cases and are highly experienced and familiar with the nuances of IP law.

Advising clients on brand protection strategies

Filing criminal complaints and obtaining search and seizure orders in case of piracy and counterfeit products.

Search, registration, and maintenance of service marks and trademarks in India and other countries

Handling Opposition proceedings in various Trademarks registries in India.

Handling disputes and litigation involving clients’ intellectual property rights before all forums in India.

Monitoring of clients’ proprietary rights in their marks and trademark watch services

Advice on acquisition, sale, licensing and protection of trademark rights

Assistance in taking actions against online trademark infringements including brand violations on social media websites

Drafting agreements and Deeds, and a wide range of contracts in relation to trademarks and trade secrets.

 Trademark Infringement Litigation

  Trademark Recordal Services at Customs and seizure of infringing goods.

  • Customs recordal is an effective measure to stop the infiltration of illegal and counterfeit products in the territory of India. Aggarwal Associates assists Corporates to protect their intellectual property during cross border infringements. 

  • We also assist in registration of IP with the customs authorities, generating alerts, seizure of infringing goods, and representation services at all the ports within the Indian territory.

​​We offer free trademark searches and initial consultations in Intellectual Property matters to our clients.​

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