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Best Law Firm In India

38 years

Aggarwal Associates is a law firm based in New Delhi, India with global reach through network of associated law offices.

We are leading provider of legal services relating to Corporate Law and various fields of Intellectual Property Law like Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs, Internet Laws, Counterfeiting & Piracy, IP Licensing and Contracts, etc.

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The team consists of experienced, proactive, and committed professionals who are experts in the fields of Intellectual Property, Corporate and Civil Law matters and provide litigation support, strategic advice, and expert opinions to clients. We strive to give our clients solutions through strategic cost effective, expeditious, and efficacious methods and believe in the values of reliability and transparency.

We have associates and representatives in various states across India and across the globe for effectively handling matters in different jurisdictions. Our experienced team of professionals who are well versed in various branches of law  go into the intricacies of the case, provide timely updates of entrusted cases and proper advice at each step keeping in mind the interest of the client.

Intellectual Property Patents Trademarks Corporate Law Copyrights Cyber Law Arbitration Financial Services

Practice Areas

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What Sets Us Apart

Minimum turnaround time and prompt response.

Simple and cost-effective solutions.

Attention to detail and tailor-made solutions.

Global experience and worldwide association.​

Highly experienced team of lawyers, Chartered accountants, investment bankers providing a one-stop solution to all kinds of business consultancy.

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Tailored & Flexible

Aggarwal Associates strives to be seen as a legal partner who supports their clients’ business growth strategies. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop tailored and flexible solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results.

Strategic Approach

We have achieved phenomenal results following the distinctive vision of solving our clients’ most complex problems with a strategic approach. ​

Global, Reliable  & Transparent

Our attorneys have a rich experience of working with clientele across the globe and understanding culture and ethics to support worldwide business. We strive to make our clients competitive in their marketplace through the most cost effective and efficacious methods and strongly believe in the values of reliability and transparency.

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